Trance Amulet M-VT Phantom pickup

The Amulet M-VT Phantom pickup from Trance Audio, Inc. is a phantom powered, brideplate-mounted, multi-transducer, low impedance (low noise), feedback resistant pickup that includes an onboard pre-amp and a soundhole-mounted volume and tone control.

Two separate polyplanar transducers measuring 1 inch long by 3/8 inch deep that Trance calls their “Acoustic Lens™” are non-destructively attached to the bridgeplate directly beneath the saddle using a special double-stick adhesive, and plug into the integrated pre-amp/endpin jack. These Acoustic lenses are distinct in their design when compared with your more common contact transducers, in that they are engineered to produce a very low output signal and thus require a very high input impedance to amplify. Plugged into an amp or mixer providing 48v phantom power (or a separate phantom power adapter), the guitarist experiences a high fidelity, low noise, feedback resistant pickup system with no batteries to be concerned with (a 9v battery-powered version is available, if desired). The VT designation includes a soundhole-mounted, twin wheel volume and tone control.

Trance Amulet Installed
Trance Amulet Installed in a 12 String

While I can heartily recommend the Trance Amulet M to any acoustic guitarist on the basis of its ability to accurately reproduce your guitar's tone, few pickups have as exacting an installation/placement requirement. As a result, this pickup may be extremely difficult or impossible to install, or not be the best choice in the following situations:

That is a long list, but I believe it highlights the significance of this pickup system. When installed into a wooden acoustic guitar having a flat, straight-line saddle slot and a bridgeplate with sufficient room directly beneath the saddle to accommodate the two Acoustic Lens pickups (in other words, most typical X-braced guitars), the guitarist has one of the most accurate, feedback resistant and least fussy pickups available.

How does it sound?

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Coming soon...


I like this pickup. If it can be installed on your guitar, I cannot imagine what any guitarist would not like about it. I still maintain that if you are insisting on hearing your guitar, only louder, start with a microphone, and deal with the EQ and feedback issues. For many (if not most) performing guitarists, a microphone is just not practical. The Trance Amulet M-VT Phantom may be what you have been looking for.

You can read more about the Trance Amulet M-VT Phantom pickup on their website, Trance Audio, Inc.