Handcrafted Acoustic Guitars

Built one at a time utilizing both time-honored and modern methods and materials

  • Clean, crisp lines
  • Pleasing curves and planes
  • Proper ratios and proportions
  • Correct weight and balance
  • Sonic and aural brilliance
  • Aesthetic beauty


Christopher Cozad


Woods used in guitar making


How they’re built

“These days I am afforded the honor of building the guitars I want to play. I love a sumptuous acoustic guitar tone, one that floods the senses, inspires new music and makes the instrument difficult to put down. I want to hold a guitar that wants to be held, that rests easily in my lap, is responsive to my touch and supplies anything that is requested of it. I want to create a memory with my guitar and that is the kind of instrument I build.”

Christopher Cozad - luthier

Handcrafted vs Factory

So, what's the difference?

I have owned many handcrafted and factory-built guitars...I began playing guitar as a child, started repairing and building as a teenager, have apprenticed with master luthiers and now, nearly 40 years after beginning, I have convinced myself I am qualified to offer an informed opinion on this topic, replete with generalities, stereotypes and a mixed metaphor or two...

Wood is wood

...until it is more!

The right pieces of wood, worked the right way by the right person can become more than simply the sum of the parts. The wood seems to open up, blossoming and blooming, revealing itself in a most intimate interaction between man and nature. The end result of good design and expertise reveals an unprecedented physical, visual and auditory experience that can leave one at a loss for words...

From the Archives

Kent Carlos Everett
May 2013

A Week with Kent Carlos Everett

Spending a week with master luthier Kent Carlos Everett has been a life altering event, and taken my guitar building to a whole new level. I am convinced it would be impossible for the most callous and jaded luthier to walk away from a time such as this un-changed...

George Gruhn
Apr 2013

A Guild and George Gruhn

A great bunch of folks from the Let’s Talk Guild forum had gathered in Nashville, Tennessee in April 2013 for a chance to see and play some great guitars, swap stories and build camaraderie. As a result of that event, and a phone call placed by a dear lady from Texas, Ms. Toni Hynds requesting a special tour, I was privileged to spend a Saturday with George Gruhn...

John Greven
Dec 2012

A Saturday with John Greven

The days right after Christmas provide for a particular time of reflection. The somber realization that another year is winding to a permanent close is replaced by the anticipation for the celebration of the new year about to begin. It was during this special time in 2012 that I was able to spend a Saturday with master luthier John Greven...


1980 Guild F-412 Overhaul
Dec 2014

1980 Guild F-412 Overhaul

By the winter of 2014, my venerable 1980 Guild F-412 12 string was in need of a neck reset. A straightedge, when placed on the fretboard, plowed down toward the top of the guitar contacting the bridge well below its top surface. Over the years the saddle had been lowered repeatedly and the bridge had been shaved (planed, slightly, to allow more saddle to be exposed) as the top had bellied and the neck had pulled forward. A JLD Bridge System had been applied and was marginally successful in adding a few more years of playability. But the time had come to put things right...